If this is gonna be that kinda party…

So, thanks for stopping by.  You should congratulate yourself.  Pat yourself on the back.  Crack open the champagne and stick your dick in the mashed potato because you, gentle reader are a pioneer.


You have more than likely been coerced into this corner of the internet by myself.  In which case, thank you.  You will be quizzed on your diligence shortly.  You may have stumbled upon this attention seeking journal of egotism whilst actively seeking information about the diverse world of coffee preparation.  Excellent.  I hope you find something useful.  If not, do come again later.  Least likely of all you may be somebody I have never met.  Never heard of.  You didn’t find yourself here by mistake.  You came here on purpose.  Somebody you know read this blog and said to you: “I say, I read a fascinating web log by a chap calling himself Bombcup.  You really should get your bad self over to bombcup.wordpress.com and take a look.”  If this is you, then come in, take off your coat and sit yourself at the head of the table because you are the guest of honour.


So now I suppose you will be wanting some content.  I guess this is going to take the form of an irregular dumping ground for my thoughts on the world of coffee, with occasional sojourns into tangential subjects and deliberately concocted experiments.  To begin with though, here is an article you may have already read on my Facebook page.


~ by bombcup on November 30, 2008.

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