Scott Griffiths – Officially The Best Espresso In London

photo0100And the whole of the South East.

If you’re queuing at Borough market waiting for a coffee, take a look at what this dapper looking chap is up to.  Because nobody in London is making better espresso.

Scott was awarded best espresso in the SE heat of the UK Barista Championship, the last heat before the semis.  If you haven’t seen one of these comps in the flesh, try and check one out because the tension is quite incredible.  Sure, they look pretty dull on YouTube but it is truly dramatic watching the performers, you want to vomit as much as they do.  The presentation was emotionally comparable to Mr Wilkinson’s boot guiding that droppy between the posts in Sydney in 2003.  And that is emotional.

The overall event was deservedly won by Gwilym Davies of Colombia Rd market who put in an exceptionally polished presentation and rocked a most elegant cravate.  Good luck to all the qualifiers in Glasgow.

As well as congratulating Scott I should thank all the Monmouth folks who made it such a great day out, especially the latte throwdown back at the roastery afterwards. Watching two men who spend their working lives pouring milk giggling like children whilst pouring more milk, at night, on paid leave makes me feel good about the London coffee scene.


~ by bombcup on February 26, 2009.

One Response to “Scott Griffiths – Officially The Best Espresso In London”

  1. !!!!!! im so jealous! i wish i was there.!!! tell scott fabulous job!!

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