You’re just a thug with a badge.

This is a coffee blog.  It’s been dormant for a while but it’s still a coffee blog.  However, it is also a ready platform for spouting vitriol and right now I have plenty of that.

The murder of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in London’s square mile has left me stunned.  I attended the rally, just as he did, out of curiosity and the desire to make my own opinion of how the event was handled.  He didn’t make it out and only now is the media starting to show the brutality with which the police handled the demo.  Reporting at the time almost exclusively described the police as having done very well under such tough circumstances and behaved impeccably throughout.  This included the BBC who, like the police was an institution I had always respected until last week.  Having seen the actions of the police at first hand I can confirm that this reporting is entirely fictional.  I was coralled with hundreds of others around the Bank of England and on all sides police were shoving and batoning anybody who came close to them including tourists, city workers, photographers and news crews.

I am the son of a police officer and until now have had no axe to grind with the police for any reason.  I have no criminal convictions and have never been wronged by the force, but now all respect I had for the police is lost.  The original attack was disgusting, the denial and cover up was disgusting.  The lies about having to leave the victim because of missile attacks is disgusting and now apparently despite the city of london being the most highly suveilled area in the country, on the most politically significant day in recent history, there were no CCTV cameras operational in the area.  Thugs and liars.

The only way the Metropolitan police can hope to regain a thread of respect from this is for the officers involved to be dealt with to the full extent of the law.  If the Jean Charles DeMenezez case is anything to go by this is incredibly unlikely.  They will close ranks and walk away scott free.  This must not happen.


~ by bombcup on April 10, 2009.

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